About us

The HAH Project was created to build hybrid rocket vehicles and specifically to challenge a 100,000 foot flight of an 8 inch diameter vehicle. The first flight at the Black Rock Desert in September of 2003 was a spectacular success. Following this flight, the group is opening up to volunteers and sponsors.

A hybrid propulsion system uses a liquid oxidizer with a solid fuel, generally a rubber much like is found in automobile tires. The oxidizer of choice for amateur use is self-pressurizing Racing Nitrous. This is the same combination that was chosen by Scaled Composites for their Space Ship One flights into space.

Current Staff: The project was created initially by Jeff Jakobs, from his association with the SORAC Project. Jeff is a masterful craftsman and his careful work is visible in every part of the vehicles he builds. The first vehicle of this series, the HAH203-1 had a perfect flight and recovery.

The Propulsion System and the engineering is done by Hybrid Expert Bill Colburn, the author of the Hybrid Propulsion Manual as described on the Rockethigh.com site}.

The on board primary computer is created by Russ Bruner, following his lengthy experience making flight computers especially for Hybrid Vehicles.

The recovery specialist is George Deli-Santi, also formerly of the SORAC Project. George brings them down safely from the high altitudes we expect to attain.

The Project would be impossible without the facilities of a major machine shop. Todd lends the use of his extensive facilities for this use.

All the above has been done on a volunteer basis, with the majority of the expense being supported by individuals, primarily Jeff Jakob.

Call for Volunteers: To actually attain the goal of 100,000 feet, more help is needed. We need actual physical help in the fabrication of the vehicles, financial support for various portions of the project, and ground support help at Black Rock Desert in Nevada for the 2005 September Launch.

Physical Help: The project assembly is done near Santa Barbara, California. Jeff Jakob supervises the construction and will supply facilities (on an availability basis), at no charge for volunteers in which to stay for their Hybrid Rocket Internship. Contact Jeff for further details.

Financial Support: The following categories are available for contributions specifically for the HAH203-2 now in construction.

< alt="" width="36" height="1" border="0" />Category Contribution Amount
  1. Aluminum 1
  2. Aluminum 2
  3. Nozzle and liner
  4. Carbon Fiber
  5. Electronics package
  6. Electronics 1(GPS)
  7. Electronics 2 (FC)
  8. HTPB Rubber
  9. Oxidizer
  10. Racing Nitrous 1
  11. Racing Nitrous 2
  12. Racing Nitrous 3

What you get in return:

  • All donors earn a Certificate of Participation in HAH flights
  • A pass to access the Launch Way Cell at Black Rock Desert in September
  • An invitation to participate as ground crew at the launches
  • The joy of participating in the advancement of civil experimental rocket propulsion.

Once someone is selected for a paticular category, it will no longer be available. If you are interested in participating, please fill out and submit the signup form by clicking HERE.

What’s next?

Following a successful flight to 100,000 feet, the Project will undertake a new and exciting task to be announced at that time.